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What to Expect From Your Day on the Water With Seaward Charters...

The day starts by you driving to our private location in Warwick, RI, where you will be greeted by the Captain and crew.  Any baggage you may have will be placed aboard "Island Girl" and the adventure begins! Captain Rick will instruct everyone to the whereabouts of safety equipment and systems on board. The amenities of "Island Girl" are profoundly abundant as you will readily see.  Lunch and snacks will be packed nicely in the galley and a wide variety of beverages (nonalcoholic) will be held in the cockpit cooler and galley refrigerator. We do allow alcoholic beverages to be on board but moderation is requested for the safety of everyone onboard.
As your fantastic day on the water unfolds, the crew will be  at your service for your every need or wish.  If sport fishing is your forte, the catch will be cleaned and iced at no charge.  All fish caught are the property of the charter. We do practice catch and release and follow the state and federal laws concerning size and bag limits.  Nothing beats fresh fish, especially when you caught it!  Some of the things you may want to bring along for your day on the water:   sunglasses, sunscreen, sweatshirt, bathing suits and any medication.  You will require most importantly a camera and a smile!  If you should forget anything, don't worry, we have everything on board just in case-  and it's all there for your convenience. 

At Seaward Charters, we are here for you! Your enjoyment and safety is our primary concern. We all know that Mother Nature has her own agenda, but we do pray for fair winds and following seas. If this is not the case on the day of your trip, then another date will be offered or a different type of trip can be arranged. 

Welcome aboard!

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